Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 Reasons you should ride your bike

I ran across an article at Yahoo entitled Five Reasons Electric Cars Will Disappoint.

Meh. Electric cars are for Hollywood types. Tom Hanks has a Scion EV conversion. He's got the money to spend. Good for him.

The Nissan Leaf retails for as much as a Nissan Altima (equipped with Nav and Leather, no less), and you get half the car with 1/4 the range with the Leaf. I'm not quite sold on the Leaf being a better car in any way, shape, or form. (Let's not talk about how the batteries are disposed of/recycled.)

To each his own.

Here's five reasons you should ride a bike:
  1. The bicycle runs on fat and saves you money.
  2. The bicycle cleans the environment... between your ears.
  3. The bicycle is simple to operate.
  4. The bicycle is simple to maintain.
  5. The bicycle is widely available and cities are catching on, with businesses providing racks to two-wheeled customers and employees.
Most of us have the tools to save gas money hanging in our garage or packed away in a shed someplace. Do you "need" an electric car if the price of oil should spike? Probably not. I generally will choose a bicycle for transportation if the following criteria are met:
  1. It's a solo trip.
  2. I'm not hauling furniture.
  3. I'm feeling healthy enough for the conditions and distance.
Regarding #3 above, I am prone to tendinitis in my ankles. My left ankle flared up Friday morning, kept me off my bike for the weekend.

I'll be driving to work tomorrow at least. (Yeah, that sucks.)

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