Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who ordered the wind?

The weather has been awesome recently, save for the wind. Had I ridden to work today, I would have gotten to experience the dreaded "dual headwind", where one ride to their destination into the wind, and then the wind shifts... and one gets to ride into the wind back home.

Not to be confused with the mythical "dual tailwind", which is where one pedals to their destination with the wind at their back, and the wind shifts... and one gets to ride with the wind back home. (Anyone who says this happened to them is, perhaps, embellishing the truth...)

I didn't ride to work today because I dropped my bike off at the shop Monday because of a creaking bottom bracket. I caught a ride with my wife this morning, picked the bike up at the shop and rode it home today. Smooth, like butter on the muffin.

Most Lincoln cyclists know the city is "remodeling" the Antelope Creek and the adjacent bike trail in an effort to reduce the floodplain in the central part of the city. I rode the train at the zoo with my kids Saturday and got to see work on the bike trail and creekbed to the east. The grading work that's been completed appears to yield a much wider and smoother trail than the narrow, twisted and crumbly asphalt trail they removed.

It's scheduled to be completed by November 2011. I'd like to see a G/Randolph street underpass completed by November 2012. Then one could conceivably cross the city under human power faster than internal combustion.

Well, as long as the 25mph (gusts to 55) wind was at your back.

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