Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lincoln, this is why we can't have nice things.

This is what the intersection of Essex Road and the Rock Island Trail looked like the morning of July 5th.

I came across 4 such messes on my commute.

Nebraska Outdoor Addict said it best on facebook this morning:

You could do a census this morning based on the 4th of July trash on the trails as you ride through diffrent neighborhoods. The change in demographics is painfully obvious today.

This would be a great use for a bicycle: prospective homebuyers could pedal through an American neighborhood the morning of July 5th to see how the current neighbors treat the public facilities with respect to fireworks.

Well, I guess you could pedal anywhere on July 5th to see how the neighbors treat the facilities, but it's not like other countries blow things up on July 4th like we do...


  1. There are still piles of fireworks trash in the street in front of a couple neighbors house and it's the 8th already. Don't they own a broom?

  2. I haven't swept my yard yet. Guess I should. But, damn it, I didn't blow anything up. I hate white trash neighbors.