Friday, January 7, 2011

51 miles for the first week of January

It's January in Nebraska and it's been unseasonably warm.

Up until today the average high temps have been above freezing and I figure that's as good a time as any to keep riding. I put in 20 miles on Sunday and commuted to/from work and to/from the gym a couple of times.

The freeze/thaw cycles melting the little bit of snow we've received make me thankful for my studded Nokian tires. There's a good 1/4 mile section of Lincoln's Rock Island trail that managed to stay icy despite highs in the mid-40s the past couple of days. Today's ride home on this section was a bit dicey with the westerly cross-wind blowing me off balance. Despite the studs on the tires, the need to steer into the wind had my bike moving all over the trail trying to find a place to grab a hold.

The temperatures are finally dipping into "Nebraska Winter" territory with single digit projected highs for the coming week. But before it gets seasonably cold, we're finally getting our seasonable precipitation. The low prediction says 3 inches, some say as much as 8 inches before it's all said and done Monday night.

The last piece of my ice biking ensemble came in the mail today. I now have a set of Smith Cascade ski goggles. No more ice on my eyelashes or frozen tears running out of my eye sockets.

I'll be out on the bike on Sunday. How about you?

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