Monday, May 3, 2010

Contrary to the uninformed, I do pay taxes to use the roads.

Today I pedaled to the DMV. As the days progress, I find myself becoming a bit more ironic, being a bit more playful with life. I think it comes with riding a bike instead of driving a car.

Did you know the DMV has bike racks out front? Neither did I. They're on the far side of the building, over by where the Sheriff parks cars up for Title Inspection. True story.

I exchanged $85.50 for my car to legally rot in my driveway. No big loss really. It's an 11 year old Cavalier. I drive it only when needed. It has less than 60k on the odometer. It really has no major mechanical malfunctions. The car has been good. I shouldn't badmouth it at all.

I paid for my stickers and left on the bike to work.

I paid taxes on a car I seldom drive, which applies little wear and tear to the roads. I now understand how Republicans feel about healthcare "reform" and taxes. I am required to pay for services I never use. Hmm.

I could start listening to Glenn Beck, but I'd get all stressed out and angry. I think I'll just be smug in my positive life choices instead. Smiles!

On the ride home, I bumped into a neighbor who also commutes by bicycle. He rides a mountain bike fitted with skinny tires and is stupid fast on the trails. We had a bit of a race after A street. I won but only because of traffic on O street. (I never catch a break on O. EVER. I sit there for 3-4 minutes most days, but not today. The neighbor caught the traffic instead.)

After dinner, the family went for a short ride to a park. It turned out to be too long for our little one. He was done. The little trooper rode home for the last mile, owning it.

Today's mileage: 14.8

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