Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dairy Queen is now Bossy's.

The plan for Saturday was to ride with the kids to Dairy Queen right off the MoPac and back home, but there is no more Dairy Queen. In its place is "Bossy's".

So we rode to Bossy's, enjoyed some chocolate soft serve ice cream cones, and rode back instead.

Obligatory "bikes leaning against the wall" blog post pic:

The pricing and selection at Bossy's seems to be on par with Dairy Queen, the logo and colors are all that's changed. We'll probably do this again.

My daughter likes to go fast. She is also becoming a bit of a show-off. How fast can we go up this hill? How fast can I go DOWN this hill?

On the other hand: my six year old daughter learned an important lesson about trail etiquette: always make sure you have enough room to pass, always pass on the left and always announce you're "on your left".

Long story short: she passed her little brother on the right and bumped handlebars. He faceplanted after trying to regain control of his high-centered-on-a-training-wheel bike.

Good thing he landed in the grass, though he still got a nosebleed from it. A few minutes of hugs and wiping blood and tears and he was back in business. He rode the last half mile like nothing had happened.

My daughter now understands that there really are consequences for ignoring the safety of others: she spent the rest of the ride passing walkers with a wide berth and announcing "on your left".

I breathed a little easier every time.

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