Sunday, May 2, 2010

Proud Dad, Bike Dad

Last summer, my daughter just straight up told me she could ride without training wheels. And don't touch the bike, daddy. She can ride without any help.

To this day, I have no idea what triggered this in her.

I obliged.

Predictably, she fell.


I tried to help, she refused.

She ultimately decided that biking was "too hard".

She was scared of (falling off of) her bike for a year.

I tried to help her overcome her fear of the bicycle. She was inconsolable.

Today, she conquered that fear. I put my hands on her shoulders, I told her to "mash that pedal down, then put your foot on the other pedal, and then mash it down too!"

Once she got some speed up, I took my hands off her shoulders. When she realized I wasn't holding her up, she would stop and look back.

I explained she rode all that distance by herself.

I told her she can start without my hands on her shoulders.

This time, she believed me.

To this moment, I have no idea what triggered that in her.

She pedaled her bike all by herself. She declared "The bike is so easy!" so many times this afternoon, it makes a bike dad's heart a-flutter!

She is already making plans to go on a "long ride" to Dairy Queen.

4 miles is a "long ride" when you're six years old. It'll be broken in half by ice cream, so it won't be that bad.

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