Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I bike and I vote.

I planned to stop by my local polling place this morning to vote, but was excited to get on the bike and headed straight to work. Whoops.

So I hit the polls this afternoon. The church that doubles as my polling place lacks a bike rack or a post that looked bike-lock friendly, so I brought my bike in with me.

I a look from a volunteer. She gave me the kind of look that had me thinking my fly was open. One that says "How dare you bring that THING in HERE!" It's not like I brought a dog, gerbil or pot-bellied pig into the polling place, it's a dirty bike I leaned up against a wall, out of harm's way.

Since there's no cycling-related issues on the ballot, I didn't think I was electioneering, but I must have been doing something wrong.

Or not: they let me vote.

15.9 miles today.

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