Monday, May 17, 2010

First day of Bike to Work Week

I overslept this morning. I didn't let that stop me.

I took the commuter bike as it was all kinds of splashy this morning from last night's rain. My street was still ground up so I took the sidewalk to the Mopac. I don't need a pinch flat a block from home.

I decided to take trails all the way to work today instead of the faster side streets. I was a little disappointed in Lincoln, I expected to see newbies all over the place. Maybe it was because I was running 15 minutes late. Maybe the overnight rain had folks clamoring for their steel and glass isolation chambers. I don't blame them: if you don't have the gear, taking the car is probably the right decision.

I was stoked to see the new Antelope Creek channel opened up and flowing today. It was open before, it just seemed fitting that they have water flowing through it this week, I guess.

I practically had the trails to myself after I passed the Zoo all the way to Old Cheney. I pushed it into the big ring and let it rip. I also found no cars crossing at South street and an empty Calvert street. That never happens.

I noticed two other bikes at work. yay!

After work, I chatted with a co-worker who had ridden a dual suspension Magna to work. (I know, I know. but if you don't know what you're missing, how can you be missing it? I could let him take my road bike for a spin around the building. I have a feeling that would be like giving a 16 year old the keys to a Corvette after he's only ever driven a 1974 Honda Civic.)

 My ride home was fun, I pedaled the top half of the gear range for most of the ride, moving the heavy beast of a bike at 17+mph most of the way. The chicane from the bridges to the trail as it passes behind Shopko always kills my rhythm. I don't like carving corners with panniers.

We then packed the kids up and headed for the Olive Garden. After sufficient carb-loading we stopped at Anderson Ford to scope out an Edge. We've outgrown our "kid cars", we're going to need at least one grown-up car for the foreseeable future.

While I'm sure they could add it to any car on the lot, a Thule 4-bike hitch-mounted rack is a $229 dealer-installed option.

The panoramic vista roof is sweet. Think retractable moonroof, except it's half of the roof. And the other half of the roof is "fixed" glass.

I have to pick the kids up after work tomorrow and then I have to cart my daughter to tae kwon do after dinner, so that means I have to drive. Too many activities, not enough time.

I'm glad I took the long way to and from work: 14.4 miles.

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