Friday, June 25, 2010

Anxiety Attack

My start time is 9:32. My bib number is 196. I start eleventh out of 12 in the Cornhusker State Games Cat 5 Men's 18-34.

The overall roster looks bigger than the one for this year's Nebraska State Time Trial championship. The roster is bigger than last year's CSG! That's a win for competitive cycling in Nebraska.

I spent the evening prepping for this. I stopped at Joyride on the way home for some chain lube. I got home, ate dinner with the fam (PIZZA FRIDAY!) and then went in the back yard with my son who wanted to help wash my bike. He "washed" his little 16" bike with one of my brushes and some soapy water. My bike was dirty, it took 45 minutes to get it clean and quiet again.

I installed the rack on my car while my wife was scrubbing the boy and my daughter played Super Mario Brothers Wii. The three of them joined me out front to catch some fireflies and my only moment of relaxation. We let them go, put the kids to bed and I hopped in the shower. I needed it, it was sticky all day.

I threw my bike clothes in the washer, cleaned out my camelbak, packed a bag with tools, tubes, helmet and shoes and threw that in the car. I added my floor pump and a towel.

I ran to the store for some gatorade and a few other things. Mainly gatorade. I thought of chips, beer, and margarita mix, too. Strapping tape for the Millennium Falcon's rims (my not-racing bike's crank is labeled "Hyperdrive", and I installed compartments for smuggling, though I don't think I'm ever going to smuggle myself in them). Hey, while I'm here, I'll pick up some distilled water for mead making! Yep, better go get a real cart, this hand held basket ain't gonna do it.

I came home at about 11:15. So much for a good night's sleep. I took the clothes out of the washer and put them on the drying line in the basement.

I made a couple of PB&Js for the drive to Yutan, because they're tasty, they're portable, and they're loaded with carbs.

I'm currently eating, but I don't think it's because I'm hungry. I think I'm having a bit of an anxiety attack. Once I put the PB&Js away, I made myself a turkey and provalone sandwich, a side of chips and a bottle of Sam Adams.

Tomorrow's strategy is to fill the camelbak with ice and water, fill one water bottle with ice and another water bottle with water. I'll probably drink the gatorade with the sandwiches and then the water bottle during warm-ups.

After I've done some warming up and stretching, I'll drink the water that's melted off my ice in the other bottle and fill it with gatorade. Save it for the turn around.

Next is to drink the remaining gatorade for the "hole shot" at the beginning of the race. By this time it should be about 9:20. That gives me about 12 minutes to ramp the heart rate up to 65% of maximum just before the start by flying through Yutan in the big ring.

During the race, stay focused on the climbs, take care of hydration during the descents. I should have eaten enough that morning to take care of fuel.

Like I discovered last weekend, all I need to do for speed is to maintain a heart rate and a rhythm.

But before that, I need some shuteye.

15.6 commuting miles today.

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