Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Mighty Wind

My commute takes me through the middle of Lincoln, North-South. My car rarely sees the other side of 30mph. It wouldn't matter anyways: I'm going to get hung up at a minimum of four stoplights and sit motionless for at least 7 minutes.

On my ride home, just after the N street bridge on the Antelope Creek Trail, I got caught in a gust of wind and held on for dear life. It was like riding in Harlan's GTO after he hits the blower while they chase down the energy pulse in "My Science Project".

(My Science Project is one of the most under-rated 1980s sci-fi movies. Add it to your Netflix queue.)

My Cateye Strada said I maxed out at 31.3mph. I really don't like going that fast around pedestrians, but that was one opportunity I could not miss, I felt like I had made it from N street to Vine Street in the blink of an eye.

The usual 14.08 miles.

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