Friday, June 4, 2010

I didn't drive, so I can't do that... or can I?

Today I biked to work.

I learned from twitter that today is National Donut Day. In celebration, Lamar's Donuts was giving away free donuts. Too bad I didn't drive. I haven't had a donut in a long time, and one just sounds fantastic today. I'll have to remember to drive next year.

Wait. Since when do I need a car to score a free donut?

After wolfing down my lunch I pedaled on trails and a maze of residential streets and came upon road construction at 48th and Pioneers, leading to an empty parking lot in front of Lamar's.

No line.


And the lady behind the counter told me the truck just dropped off a fresh load, so my free donut was 30 minutes or less out of the fryer.

Double score.

I should quit while I'm ahead. Or not.

I was planning on going to Kirk's Brew tomorrow for some mead-making supplies. (I need to make mead for Mead Day. My supply of fermented honey is getting low.)

I had planned on taking the car.

I rode the bike for a donut over my lunch break, why cant I ride the bike for homebrew on the way home from work? It was only 3 more miles. I have a backpack and a small soft-sided lunch cooler with a half-melted ice pack to keep my gourmet yeast fresh for the ride home. I wasn't taking home heavy cans of malt extract or sacks of grains. This trip was for yeast, yeast nutrient, gypsum and some spices. About 1/2 pound of material total.

Just because I don't have my car doesn't mean I'm grounded.

23.9 ungrounded miles.

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