Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hurt or Injured?

My left knee hurts. I'm icing it right now.

I blame having two different bikes with completely different setups and the same shoes. Both bikes have the same pedals, but the cranks are different, the not-road bike spreads the pedals further apart with a longer crank stroke than does the road bike.

I left after my wife and kids this morning. I normally leave before they do and as such never close the garage door. I got a mile and a half from home and didn't remember if I had closed the door. I was worried someone might leave with tools, electronics, bikes or my dog. (My dog is extremely happy to meet new people and would probably go home with whoever came in the door.) I high tailed it back home at full blast only to find I had closed it. I like to think I torqued my knee while sprinting down side roads like I was making a time-sensitive delivery.

I spent my ride home figuring out what I could do to alleviate the pressure from my knee, and slowly bumped up the effort. All is not lost: Sitting further back on my seat helps a great deal and I can push.

I might move it back a little. Not tonight though, I want to throw some homebrew bread in the oven.

17.21 miles today.

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