Friday, April 30, 2010

The Antelope Valley Trail is OPEN!!!

My camera was buried under new innertubes from Joyride and sweaty morning clothes, otherwise I would have taken pictures of the super-clean and barricade free Antelope Valley trail. I'm going to guess they cleaned it up for the Lincoln Marathon on Sunday.

I rode a portion of the Marathon Route home (20th street, Antelope Valley, etc.), the temporary "no parking from 5am to noon Sunday 5-2-10" signs are up everywhere.

After dinner I rode with my son for a little more than an hour and a half while my wife and daughter went shopping. He's three years old and enjoys cycling almost as much as I do (or finds shopping as boring as I do...).

We rode roughly 2 miles on the MoPac together before doing laps around the playground equipment and picnic tables at McAdams park.

Ian really likes climbing the westbound hill on the way back from 56th street. A young couple remarked that I was "making him climb up the hill?" I pointed out that I have been told more than once that he doesn't need help. He's a little billy goat when it comes to pedalling up the hills.

When it was time to go home, he wanted to "go fast!"

I paced him at 7mph. I started laughing because he weighs 34lbs soaking wet!

Neither training wheel touches when he goes that fast. Hmm...

I have a feeling he might enjoy BMX in the coming years. He asks me to take the training wheels off so he can "do tricks!" like the kids we see on the makeshift jumps north of the MoPac near the 48th street bridge.

Mileage? Don't care. Too much good news today to ruin it with some numbers. If I had to guess it was 16 miles.

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