Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Work? Nah, not today.

30 or so folks gathered near the Zoo to ditch work and ride a bike. It was windy and rainy.

Then it got windier. And rainier.

Met cool people, saw cool bikes. Got swag at shops.

Lunch at Pepe's Veggie-Mex, above the "Against the wall" art gallery in Havelock. Definitely eating there again.

The sun came out. Ironically, we lost half of our riders. They had other things to do. The final couple of folks to peel off were at the last stop, Cycleworks at 27th and Vine.

10 of us finally made it back to the shelter north of the Zoo.

Then tragedy struck: my front tire went down near the skate ramps in Peter Pan Park, about a mile from home.

It's kinda like the subscription cards in magazines: they're inserted loosely into a magazine, which then flys all over the world, through various transport machines and bags, and the card stays inside until the magazine is in your lap.

I rode my bike all over Lincoln, over uneven pavement and through some rocks and the tire goes "fft fft fft" on a clean patch of bike path.

I logged 49 miles. Well, 48 pedaling, one walking.

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