Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get pumped! Bike to Work Week starts May 17!

Are you ready for Bike to Work Week?

Lincoln is.

Lincoln is criss-crossed with bike trails and low-volume streets marked as "Bike Route".

Here's a map.

The average high temps in May are in the lower 70s. It's rainy to be sure (Lincoln averages 4 and a quarter inches for the whole month) but you're not going to melt.

Now's the time to start planning. Get the bike off that J-Hook in the garage. Take it to a shop now (links on the right) for a tune-up. Shop repair stands were already getting busy back in March.

If you don't have a bike, all of Lincoln's bike shops have a great selection of mountain or hybrid bicycles in the $300-$500 range that will shift properly and quietly.

Sure, you can get a bike for one-third to one half the price of a shop quality bike at Wal-mart or Target, but department store bikes are heavy, put together hastily and make noise no matter what you do. If you find you enjoy commuting, you'll find yourself buying the good bike anyways.

While you're at the shop, grab a bag (backpack, messenger bag, frame bag, etc.) big enough for a change of clothes, a minipump, a couple spare innertubes and a set of tire levers. Also get the minipump, spare tubes and tire levers if you don't already have them.

To emphasize the fun, you should do a practice inner tube change in your garage/yard/sidewalk/parking lot and a practice commute the weekend before.

See you on the trails

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