Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Ordered the Cold Weather?

I rode in to work this morning and it was about 50 degrees with a light northwesterly wind.

When I got home I flipped on the Weather Channel to discover it was 48, rainy and windy. It was still out of the northwest, but gusting to 30mph.

In Southeast Nebraska, we have a distinct lack of mountains (or any other significant geographic feature, for that matter). What we miss in hills, we make up for in wind. There's nothing to stop it and it just blows 10 months out of the year.

I like to refer to those winds as "Nebraska Alps". It's the closest thing we get to a mountain road 'round these parts.

I decided today that those winds weren't enough resistance, so I hit Calvert Street off the Rock Island and took that to 44th, and took 44th back home. (There's a couple of other streets, but you get the idea.)

Today's distance: 12.6 underdressed and slightly chilly miles.

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