Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Have a fun ride home"

So I was walking out the door of the office with my helmet and keys in one hand and panniers in the other when a co-worker wished for me to "have a fun ride home!"

Whenever someone wishes for me to have a good time at whatever I do, I often reply with "you too!" It's an instinct many of us possess. I would have been embarrassed to let out a "you too" here, because she didn't ride, she drove a car.

I stumbled over the right words for a beat in my head and let out a "thanks" acknowledging the co-worker, holding back my "you too!"

It always works out this way: the right words don't usually come to me until a minimum of 15 seconds after the fact.

What I should have said was "I always do!"

Today's out and back commute was 14.3 miles of fun.

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