Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Epic winds and Flirting with Disaster.

I woke up this morning to a 12mph headwind and rode trails most of the way in instead of taking my "central Lincoln neighborhoods" route. This adds about 1.7 miles to my route, but it lets me check out the progress on the Antelope Valley trail. It is progressing nicely.

I met up with a fellow commuter who I met at Joyride's winter "sweatfest" workouts. We rode together for a short bit, I got the impression he wasn't trying to break a sweat today.

After work I was greeted with a 30mph tailwind.


Nothing quite like flirting with disaster. Without going into too much detail, I manage to break posted speed limits.

I ride on residential streets when I have such a tailwind. They're relatively car-free after 5:30, and more importantly, pedestrian/jogger/dog walker/rollerblader-free. The trails aren't wide enough for me to give a 3 foot berth when I pass at 30+mph. I owe that to other users of the trail.

After dinner, the kids and I went outside and flew kites.

13.8 almost disastrous miles today.

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