Sunday, April 18, 2010

Short and Hilly Ride.

I live in central Lincoln, which puts me near many of Lincoln's bike trails and bike-friendly roads. Heck, a street intersection with the MoPac trail is around the corner from my house. This affords me the luxury of being able to get on my bike and get a ride on a variety of road or trail surfaces.

This morning was one such ride. I was pressed for time, so I went for intensity. 44th street and Calvert are a collection of short and relatively steep hills. 20th street also has a few hills.

I kept it intense by pushing bigger gears. I keep it in the big ring until my cadence drops below 60rpm. This causes my heart rate to jump and my quads to burn. My max heart rate was 191 beats per minute, average was 162.

The only drawback is waiting for traffic. That totally messes up my rhythm.

I rode 13 miles in 43 minutes.

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