Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Late for work!

I overslept a little this morning. I cut 1/4 mile off my ride and portaged the bike over my shoulder down a short hill and over some rail road tracks. In retrospect, that saved me two big fat minutes. Oh well.

I took the long way home on Lincoln's trail network to make up for my lack of foresight. I avoided streets at all costs.

An LES truck was driving up the Rock Island, I was hoping I'd get a nice motorized windbreak, but to no avail. They stopped and let everyone pass. Then I bumped into some fine folks with the Lincoln Park and Rec department working on the landscaping for the officially-closed-but-we'll-look-the-other-way Antelope Valley trail.

It was a beautiful 63 degrees and sunny on the ride home.

Total of 12.9 fast miles today.

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